John Adrian, MBA ’00

John Adrian is the Senior Vice President of Sales for Americas, Europe, Middle East and African markets at Franklin Fueling Systems, a global leader in the petroleum equipment market. He has worked in the retail petroleum industry for 27 years and is currently responsible for managing sales teams all over the world. John started his career at ARCO Products Company in California, where his father worked for 33 years.

John says that prior to getting his MBA he only had a high level understanding of business. He says that getting his MBA at Pepperdine Graziadio was a game changer as it opened up a whole new world for him. He learned about finance, and most importantly how to think strategically. After earning his MBA John’s credibility and confidence increased and he was considered a real candidate for upward mobility. John says his MBA has helped him enormously in his career trajectory and was a huge part of his success in moving to a senior level position at Franklin Fueling Systems.

He and his wife recently moved from Long Beach, CA to Madison, WI where Franklin Fueling Systems is headquartered. John has a BA in Business Administration from Point Loma University and earned his Executive MBA from the Graziadio School in 2000.

John Adrian, MBA ’00

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