Steve Marcus, Presidents and Key Executives MBA (PKE), ‘79


Steve Marcus and his business partner and wife, Kasondra Marcus recently launched MP Additives LLC, a metalworking company based in Florida. MP Additives LLC produces additives for metalworking fluids such as machining and grinding coolants, corrosion inhibitors, mass finishing compounds and special purpose water based lubricants. Steve remains Chairman of Markee International Corporation, another metalworking company he started in 1971. The difference between the two companies is Markee makes products for the user of metalworking fluids, while MP Additives makes products that are used as ingredients by the manufacturers of those fluids.

Marcus also makes metalworking fluids and is a leader in the elimination of petroleum oils from manufacturing products. In addition, he has a patent for a lubricant that replaces four times the amount of petroleum oil and is water based as well as environmentally safe.  He has also authored a column in Products Finishing Magazine for over twenty years on the subject of mass finishing, and was one of the first individuals trained in vibratory finishing when it replaced conventional tumbling barrels for deburring and polishing metal parts. Marcus earned his President and Key Executives MBA from Pepperdine University in 1979.

Steve Marcus, Presidents and Key Executives MBA (PKE), ‘79

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