Andrew Germer, MBA ’10

Andrew is the cofounder, host and producer of the podcast Owning Your Own. His podcast provides news, advice and entertainment to marketers, creatives and entrepreneurs.

He previously served as director of marketing at the BRIM Agency, an Internet presence management firm. Andrew, whose interests include digital media, domain investment and monetization, and creative direction, brings with him years of marketing experience.

Andrew also served as director of social media at Best Rank, the predecessor of the BRIM Agency. Andrew’s role there included structuring several social media packages; establishing social methodology, best practices, and strategies; and overseeing all of Best Rank’s internal social media responsibilities.

Andrew increased Best Rank’s social presence via platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+, and structured Best Rank’s video blog and an ongoing podcast.

Andrew worked on implementing social media modules for various clients. Methodology is focused on the core service offerings of content marketing, comprehensive consultation, social media management and custom reporting packages.

After receiving his MBA from Pepperdine with a concentration in marketing, Andrew worked at a Hollywood agency devising social strategy for Fortune 500 companies. More recently, he devised social-focused digital marketing strategies to help a variety of web startups grow successfully from the ground up.

Andrew Germer, MBA ’10
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