Dirk Sampselle, JD/MBA ’13


Dirk announced recently the launch of ezBcorp, the first one-stop online resource for B Corporation legal formation, certification and sustainable business growth services. Designed for entrepreneurs seeking to build mission-driven ventures, ezBcorp provides comprehensive solutions for startups and small businesses seeking to form, certify and scale their enterprises.

ezBcorp is the latest offering from B Revolution, which Dirk founded while pursuing his MBA and law degree at Pepperdine. B Revolution is a benefit corporation consulting firm providing business planning, capital raising, marketing and B Corporation Certification optimization for social enterprises.

Dirk sees the B Corporation movement as a logical outgrowth of the new ethos in business: “The B Corporation business architecture allows entrepreneurs to compete in the 21st century, where customers, employees and investors demand socially and environmentally responsible behavior. In this new environment, the B Corporation structure serves as a source of competitive advantage that empowers entrepreneurs to pursue purpose alongside profit.”

Since 2007, companies like Patagonia, Seventh Generation, Ben & Jerry’s and Warby Parker have adopted the B Corporation certification in order to differentiate themselves as companies that pursue the highest standards of ethical accountability. The B Corporation legal structure provides mission protection and accountability, while the B Corporation certification provides third-party validation of ethical business practices. In July 2013, Delaware, home to 64% of the Fortune 500 companies, became the nineteenth state to enact benefit corporation legislation.

B Revolution has been helping companies adopt the B Corporation certification and legal structure since 2011, when Dirk completed his work drafting B Lab’s White Paper on Benefit Corporations. He developed ezBcorp to extend his formation, certification and capitalization services to startups and small businesses. “My aim with ezBcorp is to make the process and our expertise more accessible and affordable. Kind of like a Legal Zoom for B Corps, but far more comprehensive, targeted and mission-aligned in approach.”

As a drafting author of the benefit corporation legislative memorandum used to advocate for the legal entity in state legislatures, Dirk is a nationally-recognized expert in B Corporation legal and business strategy. His US-based consultancy assists businesses with adopting the B Corporation certification and legal structure, integrating sustainability and social responsibility into their competitive strategy, and helping to pair investors with B Corporation ventures.

Dirk Sampselle, JD/MBA ’13
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