Mona Chatterjee, MBA ‘12

Having developed expertise in managing online marketing and salesMona Chatterjee - Headshotinitiatives and developing creative marketing campaigns as an independent entrepreneur and as a student at the Graziadio School, Mona Chatterjee brings her years of experience to her new role as membership director at City Club on Bunker Hill, a private business club in Los Angeles.

After studying business in college, Mona founded MonaChatt Music, an independent record label. At MonaChatt, she developed an online marketing strategy focused on platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter at a time when social media were still in their infancy. Mona’s career took her to the United Kingdom, where she managed a music tour’s performance, promotion and publicity, and branding activities.

Mona enrolled at The Graziadio School in 2010, during which she gained experience in marketing strategy, social media development and customer relationship management as a consultant for OSEA Skincare, Indomitable Entertainment and Shopzilla.

“During my MBA, I enjoyed participating in networking events because it gave me the chance to hear about my colleagues’ fascinating career paths,” Mona says. “Now I am excited to join City Club on Bunker Hill, soon to be City Club Los Angeles, to use the lessons I have learned to continue to connect people by building relationships through this great community.”

Mona Chatterjee, MBA ‘12

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