Cheryl Rice, MSOD ’99

cheryl.riceCheryl, who ran her own consulting company with many Fortune 500 clients for 11 years, is opening her home for 8-week-long “Women’s Coaching Circles” geared towards empowering women.

The class is designed to bring women together who are interested in making a positive change in their lives, recently reported Cheryl’s Philadelphia, PA local Chestnut Hill neighborhood news weekly. According to Cheryl, the weekly said, her goal is to help each woman become a champion of herself.

The power of the group setting is that it provides a place where women can come together and talk with other women in a place where they feel safe, accepted, strong and free to express themselves. It’s a place to bring concern that will be met with receptivity and compassion.

Cheryl offers a spring and fall session each year.

Cheryl Rice, MSOD ’99

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