Sarah Scherff, MBA ’10


Sarah has launched Geek Contraband; an online marketplace for geek stuff and geek accessories. Geek Contraband sells nerd costumes, books, gadgets, games, movies and other merchandise for those of us with a passion for scifi, fantasy, steampunk and other imagined lands past, present and future.

“We supply you with the good stuff—the books you want, the pieces you’ve been waiting for, the things that encourage you being you,” Geek Contraband beckons. Join the Resistance!

Sarah earned both her bachelor’s in business and MBA degree from Pepperdine University. She is a marketing project manager in the Office of Marketing and Communications at the Graziadio School, for which she is integrally involved in multimedia collateral projects, prospect e-communications, marketing research and analysis, financial management and CRM strategy. Sarah helped implement the school’s customer relationship management platform.

Sarah Scherff, MBA ’10
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