Justin A. Hai, MBA ’05

justin.haiJustin has been awarded the Silver in the International Design Awards. His company’s innovative treadmill design, the treadmill saver®,  has been recognized in the sustainable living/environmental preservation professional category for energy conservation equipment.  The Awards celebrates smart and sustainable multidisciplinary design internationally and seeks to uncover emerging talent in architecture, interior, product, graphic, and fashion design.

Justin is president of Green Fit Co., an innovative health and fitness company based in Del Mar, CA, and focused on preventative maintenance. He previously served as entrepreneur-in-residence for the Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technologies at San Diego State University.

The award-winning treadmill saver® helps reduce costs associated with: excessive energy consumption, expensive breakdowns, unintentional neglect, costly service calls, equipment failure, premature wear of parts, early replacement of the treadmill, and user injuries, as well as supporting the maximum return on your investment and increased member retention.

Utilizing an eco-smart lighted warning system the Treadmill Saver alerts when maintenance or repairs are needed. Much like a traffic light, the treadmill saver shines green, yellow and red to inform you when the treadmill needs various levels of attention.

In a case study for the U.S. Department of Defense, the Treadmill Saver showed a $100 million savings in under four years with a return on investment of four months.

Justin A. Hai, MBA ’05
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