Alan Darby, Executive MBA ’09

CINNAlan joined CINN Worldwide, Inc. as vice president of corporate development. CINN is a group of vertically integrated companies in publishing, institutional advancement, management and communications.

The Insurance Advocate, The New York Doctor, Empire State Report and The Italian Journal are among the firm’s publications. They also represent AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society, Society of Insurance Financial Management, New York Anti-Car Theft & Fraud Coalition and Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, among others.

Alan concurrently serves as a vice president at Mosaic Capital, a specialty FINRA Broker/Dealer that serves owners and advisors of mid-sized companies (firms with $15 million to $500 million of annual sales). He previously held vice president positions with Phillip Roman & Company and Spectrum Acquisition Group.

Alan Darby, Executive MBA ’09
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