Srivinas Rao, MBA ’09

Srinivas is Search Engine Journals first weekly columnist, it was recently announced. His column will focus on the art of blogging, content marketing and audience engagement. He’ll also play host to a regular SEJ video interview series featuring internet marketing and publishing folks you’ll definitely recognize.

Srinivas is the host and co-founder of BlogcastFM, a podcast designed to help bloggers take their blog to the next level. He is also author of the Skool of Life, a blog inspired by post-graduate letdowns, personal development, and the real-world experiences that are the true definitions of education.

Srivinas is the author of Relationship Marketing, an e-book about building a strong blog subscriber base, increasing your blog authority, and selling more products while connecting with people. The concept of Relationship Marketing is that the power of your blog is not in the words you write, the products you sell, or even the number of fans you have. The true power of your blog is in the relationship you have with your readers, your customers, and your partners.

Srinivas was once the director of social media at, a travel site intent on improving the travel booking experience.

He also writes weekly articles for the top personal development blogs such as Dumb Little Man and through the Quality of Life Project. Srinivas is also a regular contributor to the Graziadio Voice, a blog dedicated to Pepperdine University’s business school community.

Srivinas Rao, MBA ’09
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  • April 2, 2013 at 4:09 PM

    Great news. I’m always looking for good articles on how to take a blog about internet marketing and attraction marketing to another level. Thanks for sharing.

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