Neil Samuels, MSOD ’99

Neil is a candidate for Naperville (Illinois) School District 203 school board. Neil has served as a volunteer parent mentor for Project HELP for the past two and a half years. HELP believes that parents who are determined, confident, and supported in their parental responsibilities can provide an environment where children can live up to their potential. As a mentor, Neil works one-on-one with parents helping them become the best they can be.

A respected coach and innovative thinker, Neil has successfully worked with leaders at all levels for over 22 years. He has demonstrated value in helping senior leaders develop themselves, their teams, and their organizations as they navigate through complex, large-scale change.

His consulting and leadership development experience spans six continents and a wide range of businesses and sectors – from architecture, R&D and cruise lines, to offshore oil production, government, education, and financial investing. He has also held senior organizational development positions in BP (British Petroleum).

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Neil Samuels, MSOD ’99

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