Michael Bennett, MBA ’06

Michael and fellow alumnus Sam Blake (MBA ’08) recently launched an innovative new adventure travel company called Muddy Shoe Adventures.

Inspired by their own personal travel experiences and a passion for helping others, Michael and Sam founded Muddy Shoe Adventures to inspire and empower personal transformations in others through purposefully designed adventure travel programs. By combining travel, physical and cultural adventures, a supportive group environment, facilitated discussions, and personal reflection, they hope that every Muddy Shoe Adventure helps people re-connect to themselves, re-discover who they are, and begin living passionately and purposefully.

Muddy Shoe Adventures has several programs scheduled for 2013. In September, they will host a 7-day program in Utah; another 5-day program is being planned for October in the mountains of southwest Colorado. 2014 looks even more promising, with programs tentatively scheduled for Bali (February 2014), Norway (March 2014), Peru (April 2014), Switzerland (June 2014), and more!

All of these programs will focus on “Re-Connecting to the Self: An 8-Day Journey of Awareness & Well-Being for the Body, Mind, & Soul.”

For more information, visit: www.MuddyShoeAdventures.com or email Michael at: Michael@MuddyShoeAdventures.com.

Michael Bennett, MBA ’06
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  • March 28, 2013 at 8:09 AM

    Mike and Sam are two of the best and brightest. I am sure that Muddy Shoe Adventures will be a hit and I look forward to joining them on a trip someday!

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