Phil Shelton, MBA ’93

Phil joins the explosive list of authors with works available for Amazon Kindle. His book How to Succeed in a High-Tech Career: Why Your Reputation and Relationships Matter serves a manual for college seniors about to start their career in the corporate world, or anyone starting a new career or job. It is geared toward technical students with degrees such as computer science or engineering, but the principles in this book could apply to anyone’s career. He offers a conversational mentor’s perspective on lessons learned over the course of a 29-year career at the global information technology company, Unisys, where he is a Server I/O manager.

“The best way to determine what your career will look like is to plan, ahead of time, what you will look like,” Phil says. “The decisions you make right now on what your character, attitude and work ethic will be – these will determine how your career goes much more than any event that happens to you at the company who hires you. It takes more than technical skills to succeed, even in a high-tech job. Successful people invest time and effort in building their reputation and relationships. Whether you’re an engineering geek, a salesman or a manager, the career lessons in this book will provide you with a foundation for success.”

How to Succeed in a High-Tech Career: Why Your Reputation and Relationships Matter can be found at or on Amazon.

Phil joined Pennsylvania-based Unisys in 1983. He has an extensive background in HBAs, peripherals, storage and networking dating back to the introduction of SCSI, iSCSI, Fibre Channel and 10Mb Ethernet. His current responsibilities include defining SAN, network and system configurations for Secure Private Clouds, using blades and rack mount servers.

Phil Shelton, MBA ’93
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