Floyd Talbot, MBA ’81

Floyd has published a new book entitled Customer-Driven Budgeting: Prepare, Engage, Execute – The Small Business Guide for Growth from Business Expert Press.

In terms of the need for budgeting, Floyd says, “In today’s economic environment businesses cannot afford a hit and miss strategy. Money management becomes a priority before a cash flow crisis threatens companies as going concerns. Taxes, costs of doing business, regulations, and market volatility can bring surprises. Businesses need to tackle surprises with purposeful planning through an effective budget that addresses all aspects of the business. Financial management is too risky for not having daily oversight. Planning and execution are regular events. Money management oversight is not an option but an essential.”

Floyd is principal of AFB Business Solutions, a management consulting firm that provides advice and practice solutions in financial and risk management, business processes, accounting practices, and planning.


Floyd Talbot, MBA ’81
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