Stanley Birge, MBA ‘05

Stanley has been appointed to the newly created position of vice president, North America, at Curard Line, the luxury ocean cruise line whose fleet includes Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. In the role, he will lead Cunard’s commercial operations, customer service, marketing and public relations for North America, working with the Los Angeles-based Cunard team as well as with the company’s leadership group in its U.K. headquarters.

Most recently, Stanley served as director of commercial operations at Cunard’s sister company, Princess Cruises, where he oversaw all aspects of the development and growth of the Princess brand in Australia. Prior to that, Stanley served as yield management analyst for Princess Cruises before moving to the company’s marketing department where he managed various program.

In 2005, Stanley was promoted to director of direct marketing, where he served until his appointment by Carnival Australia in 2010 to oversee the Princess brand in Australia.

Stanley Birge, MBA ‘05
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