Robert Lingl, BS/MBA ‘81

Bob is seeking re-election to the City Council of Lompoc, CA. In the Lompoc Record, he penned an impassioned opinion article explaining why it has been his privilege to serve his community.

Bob write, “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve Lompoc for the past four years. I take my responsibility as a council member seriously. When I was elected I made some promises: I promised to build and open our senior center — done; I promised to work with our veterans on refurbishing their memorial building — done; I promised to balance the city budget without raising your taxes — done; I promised to make smart choices in land use — done; I promised to bring businesses to Lompoc and create new jobs — done.”

Bob is laboratory director of Lompoc Valley Medical Center.

Robert Lingl, BS/MBA ‘81
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