Matt Nicosia, MBA ’01

Matt, chairman and CEO of Vivakor Inc., Vivakor, Inc, an asset acquisition company that develops and acquires assets that generate revenue currently or in the near term, announced that his company has acquired an interest in Precious Metals Mining Claims through its subsidiary VivaVentures Inc. The properties are located in Arizona and Colorado. Additionally, VivaVentures has acquired interest in Vapor Technology for the processing of precious Metals.

Vivakor Inc has finalized the investment plans for Well-Med Global LLC, which includes royalties on all sales. The investment plans call for an investment of up to $10 million over the next two years to assist Well-Med Global in its growth. Well-Med Global currently distributes proprietary skin care products that contain (TGF) Tissue Growth Factors that aid in the regeneration of cells.

Matt is one of those rare businessmen who combine top management skills with true entrepreneurship to inspire, challenge and motivate business partners. He also serves as CEO of Vivaceuticals Inc., a consumer goods company that comercializes natural herbal supplements worldwide. He was founder and CEO of Dermacia, a Southern California-based skin care company, which produced consumer, prescription and OTC products distributed through plastic surgeons and dermatologists as well as through retail and other mass-marketing channels. He has also been a director and co-founder of Quantum Sphere, Inc., a producer of nanomaterials and related technologies.

Vivakor inc is expected to be trading at $2 in early 2013.

Matt Nicosia, MBA ’01

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