Cleve Adams, PKE MBA ‘02

Cleve is profiled by the Maryland newspaper this October. As the new CEO of AirPatrol, a Columbia company that makes security protection for mobile devices for the federal government and private sector, Cleve discusses his background at Pepperdine and in Los Angeles and his plans for the company.

Cleve joined AirPatrol with orders to grow the company, which has 30 full-time employees and 20 contractors, to $30 million in revenues in the next few years

There are four or five ways to grow a company such as AirPatrol and he will have to hit them all to succeed — from growing its sales and marketing expertise, through bringing in additional people with experience and training current employees, to having the right marketing materials and distribution partners, Cleve said in the article.

Cleve serves on the Pepperdine’s Board of Advisors.

Photo: Dan Gross/The Gazette

Cleve Adams, PKE MBA ‘02

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