Lori Williams, MBA ’06

Lori is a recently published author, having penned four books on topics of strategic business management, recession recovery and lean e-mail efficiency. Her newly published titles include:

10 Easy Steps to Strategic Planning, Get the benefits of strategic planning without the hassle and complexity. Lori Williams offers today’s simplest, most practical guide to strategic planning: 10 easy steps that anyone can use, even small businesses and startups.

Get Ready to Grow Your Company After a Recession The recession will end. Most companies won’t be ready: They’re spending all their time hunkering down. But a few companies will be prepared to jump on their best new opportunities, grab new profits, and supercharge growth.

Get Time-Wasters Out of Your Inbox Stop wasting time: transform your email inbox from time-waster to supercharged productivity tool. Lori Williams shows how to regain control over email…eliminate unnecessary messages and “cover-your-rear” cc:s…handle every message once. Use Outlook’s built-in tools to read, review, and organize messages.

Why Strategic Planning Matters for Smaller Companies Without strategic plans, smaller companies fall victim to the unexpected: subtle competitive shifts, new technologies and processes, changes in cost structure. Lori has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, marketing, finance and operations. She has functioned as a business owner, corporate officer and a consultant in a variety of industries. Lori’s uses her business experience and multi-discipline approach to assist companies to grow their business and increase market share.

Lori is the owner of a LW and Associates, a business consulting firm specializing in strategy and finance. Functioning as the Chief Strategist, Lori provides businesses with growth strategies designed to increase revenues, profitability and build long-term sustainable growth.

In 2007 Lori founded Business Simply Put, a division and registered trademark of
LW and Associates, to provide smaller companies with affordable high-level information and advice. While residing in Dallas, Texas, she owned The Right Source, an advertising and marketing agency that produced collateral and provided marketing consultation. After relocating to California, Lori spent several years at Canon Incorporated, where she was able to experience both consumer and business marketing. She functioned as a turnaround CEO repositioning a medical product distribution company and worked for a regional bank where she held the position of VP commercial banking officer, representing a variety of financial products.

Author Lori Williams

Lori also self-promotes her informational seminars and workshops, in which she is solely responsible for content and delivery. She has an abundance of energy and believes anything is possible if you work hard and are committed to your dream.

Lori holds an MBA from Pepperdine University, a BS in business and management, an AA in medical science and a practitioner’s license in neurolinguistic programming. She has been a requested speaker at business organizations and affiliations. She is an adjunct professor at the Lloyd Grief Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at USC and has addressed esteemed audiences such as the IBM Big Blue Alumni, City Club, World Savings Bank, Citibank, and members of the Small Business Development Center.

Lori Williams, MBA ’06