Andrea Belz, Ph.D, MBA ’07

Andrea was elected as an observer to the Board of Directors of Ondax, Inc., representing the Pasadena Angels and the Tech Coast Angels in the company’s recent Series E-financing round.

Andrea will be the first woman to represent the Pasadena Angels at the board level in any portfolio company in their ten-year history.

Ondax, a spin-off of the California Institute of Technology, is a market leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art lasers for the industrial, defense, scientific and medical markets.
“We are very excited to have Dr. Belz join our board and to help us strategically manage our rapid growth,” said Randy Heyler, president and CEO of Ondax. “Dr. Belz brings to our company a wealth of marketing and management experience from her work with internationally known high-tech laboratories and corporations. We are looking forward to working with her.”

Andrea is the author of 36-Hour Course: Product Development, set to be released this fall by publisher McGraw-Hill. She describes the book as a MBA-in-a-box due to its interactive quizzes and easy-to-read in depth guide to product development strategy, finance, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, and launch programs. The book provides a whole new way of ensuring consistent success from the initial product conception to communicating its value to customers. Along with case studies of how companies like Apple, Google, and Cisco create their own remarkably efficient design and engineering processes, Andrea explains how to implement best practices for successful product launches every time.

Andrea, a leading consultant as well as author in technology management and effective leadership, was recently interviewed on the Experts and Leaders Network hosted by Carl Terzian Associates Internet radio station on Big Media USA. She has collaborated with groups including the California Institute of Technology, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, General Electric, and many of the leading investment groups in Southern California. She has worked closely with management teams and boards in organizations of all sizes, providing guidance in finance and operations.

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Andrea Belz, Ph.D, MBA ’07

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