Allen Goad, PKE MBA ’08

Allen recently joined NATEL Engineering Co. as director of the Natel Production System and vice president of procurement. He brings more than 16 years’ experience and in-depth knowledge leading manufacturing organizations and outstanding leadership with expertise in Lean and Six Sigma practices, team building, and training.

NATEL Engineering Co., founded in 1975 and headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, provides microelectronics experience with advanced capabilities for a wide range of products and industries, including fully automated assembly of t/r modules, hybrids, MCM, and chip-on-board products. NATEL is a pioneer and proven innovator in the manufacture of products for fiber optics, optoelectronics, space, defense, medical, and the RF/Microwave industries.

Allen is a graduate of the Presidential and Key Executive MBA program.

Allen Goad, PKE MBA ’08

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