Rossina Gil, MSOD ‘07

Rossina is the proud author of The Corporate Looking Glass: Using Culture for Your Competitive Advantage. The book seeks to help alleviate some of the frustrations that stem from misunderstandings and idiosyncratic behavior in both the corporate world and life in general.

“Some people are more developed in their emotional skills than others,” she writes. “To succeed in this diverse and fast-changing world, one must learn to become emotionally resilient.” Rossina’s book targets executives in multinational organizations, and combines organization development and cross-cultural theories with several anecdotes and direct quotes from clients on assignment.

Rossina, a Los Angeles native with Cuban-Colombian parental heritage, holds a Graziadio School Master of Science in Organization Development degree; and, a Master of Arts from Claremont Graduate University’s Center for Politics & Economics in International Studies: Foreign Policy.

She has worked internationally with approximately 2,000 executives from 100 Fortune 500 companies for over 10 years as a Global Organization Development Practitioner and Cross-Cultural consultant.

Rossina Gil, MSOD ‘07

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