Brett Trowbridge, PKE MBA ’99

Brett has completed a reorganization of TRS Group, Inc. supported by a new financial and operational platform that will spur the continued growth of the company. TRS Group is the world’s leading provider of Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) services for remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater.

As part of its executive restructuring, Brett was named CEO in September 2009. He has been a member of the TRS Board of Directors since 2002 and he was elected board Chairman in 2007. Brett will continue to serve in both his CEO and Chairman roles.

He reports, “The ERH market is transitioning from an early adopter driven market to a mainstream accepted technology market. We are strategically positioning the company to capitalize on this unique opportunity.”

Brett has over 25 years of environmental experience including five years of environmental management for Chevron USA and 20 years of in-situ remediation experience. He is a California PE and he was the President and Leader of the management and engineering team that first licensed and commercialized the ERH Technology developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories.

Brett Trowbridge, PKE MBA ’99

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